Mobility35 Data Assessment


The Texas Department of Transportation, the City of Austin, and the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization formed Mobility35 in 2011 with the goal of improving Interstate 35 within the Capital area: Williamson, Travis, and Hays counties. 


As part of the Mobility35 initiative, the TxDOT – Austin District (TxDOT-AUS) and regional stakeholders are developing an Integrated Corridor Management System (ICMS) for the Capital area. But, the day-to-day collection of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) data that can be used for an Integrated Corridor Management System (ICMS) in the region is de-centralized. Stakeholders are collecting ITS data based on the transportation mode requirements within their jurisdiction. The collected data is not “directly” pushed between agency stakeholders for active or collaborative traffic management.  Data is shared on an irregular, as-needed basis, typically limited to incident management, emergency traffic management, or traveler information broadcasts. This practice sometimes leads to inefficient operation of transportation facilities or release of inaccurate and/or inconsistent information to the end users.


The following tables represent the findings of the Austin Region I-35 Integrated Corridor Management System Intelligent Transportation System Data Assessment.