What is the Data Rodeo?


Within the public and private spheres, there are robust but disconnected data sources, disparate tools and technologies for utilizing transportation data, and a diverse community of researchers, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs who are working in relative isolation.


UT’s Center for Transportation Research, in conjunction with the UT Texas Advanced Computing Center and regional partners like the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, has corralled these resources into a dynamic ecosystem—called the Data Rodeo—and is making it available to the broader transportation community.


The Data Rodeo provides two-way data exchange allowing regional partners to contribute local data and access regional data. We also plan for public release of selected data, as well as to pull in published and crowd-sourced data. The rodeo functions on an open platform that allows for the widest, most cost-effective way of sharing of data with regional partners, the public, research institutions, and third parties.